What We Do

Data Mining
  • Analysis of Point of Sale (POS) data to identify key factors of a transaction: Recency, Frequency and Spending of existing customers.

  • Geographic Profiling answering the questions regarding where are your customers and how far do they travel.

  • Demographic Profiling, utilizing Deep Blue Insights partners, a profile describing the characteristics of a client’s customers can be developed and can provide insight as to why a customer came to market.

Acquisition Marketing

Deep Blue Insights has been intimately involved with List Compilation since the early 1980’s and has a thorough knowledge of data that is available. Whether your target is a Consumer or Business, Deep Blue Insights has the experience and knowledge to help with the myriad of choices today. In addition, we can help with the strategic coordination with other marketing tactics. In today’s environment, the competition for a customer’s attention is more complicated than ever. Successful businesses plan their marketing around how a customer prefers to be reached.

Reputation Marketing

Today’s customer is a smart shopper and spends time searching and researching who they do business with. Do you know your digital footprint? Do you know what people find when they look for providers of your service or when the research you specifically? Deep Blue Insights understands how this technology works from the inside and can help you develop and nurture your digital image. Through a variety of techniques:

  • Digital PR

  • Social Media Participation

  • Website Content