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TUESDAY, 29 MAY 2012 14:37

Somebody Rule

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Several years ago, when working in my first small startup, I stumbled across a concept that had eluded me in the enterprise world.  This concept concerned accepting ownership of tasks that ultimately benefit each person on your team.  In an enterprise environment not only are there individuals assigned to nearly every possible task, often there are teams or departments.  Startups neither have this luxury nor suffer from this constraint. 

In my case, after our first power outage, I discovered that there was a specific sequence for powering up our network in order for all devices to receive addressability with each other.  I said to a colleague, “Somebody should document power restoration startup procedures for our network.”  He replied with, “sounds good to me, you look like just the somebody!”  That simple exchange brought home both the awesome responsibility as well as the incredible opportunity afforded entrepreneurs and individuals working in bootstrap operations.  It is also a powerful message for society who is often dependent on others to fix what needs fixing.  From that point on, every time I think to myself, “Somebody should do (fill in blank),” I substitute the word “I” for the word “somebody” and move forward.  The result is a self-confidence that I can do anything I want, if I want it bad enough and turn every challenge into an opportunity for conquest.

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